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Spinach ‘Ricotta’ Portabello Mushrooms

by David Cote & Mathieu Gallant

Spinach ‘Ricotta’ Portabello Mushrooms

Spinach ‘Ricotta’ Portabello Mushrooms, page 165 of RawEssence by David Cote & Mathieu Gallant

Raw, healthy and gluten-free!

Makes 4 portions


Preparation: 10 minutes

Marinating: 1 hour

Dehydration: about 2 hours

Equipment: dehydrator


4            portobello mushrooms, trimmed (see Tips) 4

1⁄4            recipe Mushroom Marinade (see below) 1⁄4

1⁄2 cup Macadamia ‘Ricotta’ Cheese (see below)            125 mL

1               large handful spinach, chopped 1


1.            In a large bowl, combine mushrooms and marinade and let stand for about 1 hour.

2.            In a bowl, blend together ricotta cheese and chopped spinach. Fill mushrooms with mixture.

3.            Place filled mushrooms on dehydrator trays and dehydrate at 105°F (41°C) for 2 hours. The filling will harden, but the entire assembly should remain moist.



To clean mushrooms, it is always better to use a basting brush, vegetable brush or cloth. Running them under water saturates them with liquid, reducing their flavor and the appeal of their texture. Keeps 3 days in the refrigerator in an airtight container.



Mushroom Marinade

12 cup        wheat-free tamari          125 mL

112              cloves garlic, chopped     112                      

1 cup            water      250 mL

112 tsp       dried thyme      7 mL

12 tsp         ground black pepper         2 mL

In a bowl, using a whisk, blend all ingredients together.

Macadamia ‘Ricotta’ Cheese

Makes about 123 cups (400 mL)

113 cups  macadamia nuts         325 mL

13 cup   water   75 mL

2 tbsp      freshly squeezed lemon juice               30 mL

14          clove garlic                14 

12 tsp     sea salt 2 mL

18 tsp     ground black pepper    0.5 mL

Preparation: 10 minutes

Equipment: food processor

1. In food processor, reduce macadamia nuts to small pieces.

2. Add remaining ingredients and blend for a few seconds to form an emulsion. The ‘cheese’ will turn white and creamy with small crunchy pieces of nut.