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Pomegranate Punch (juicing)

Steve Prussack & Julie Prussack

Pomegranate Punch (juicing)


Pomegranate Punch

(page 141, cleansing juice)
From: Juice Guru: Transform Your Life with One Juice a Day by Steve Prussack & Julie Prussack


Makes about 
3 cups (750 mL)


This velvety juice features a delightful contrast of sweet and tangy, thanks to the addition of pomegranate and lime. Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants such as punicalagin. High in vitamin K and potassium, the whole fruit also provides the minerals manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron, as well as vitamin C. Pomegranate juice can help to regenerate skin cells (slowing aging), eliminate dry skin, fight free radicals, protect your heart and ward off cancer, and it may increase bone quality. That’s an incredible health punch!


When selecting red grapes, look for those that have a rich crimson hue and even color. Choose grapes that are plump and hearty. A silvery white “bloom” on the skins indicates freshness. The grapes should be firmly attached to stems that are brown or beige and healthy-looking, moist and flexible.

To juice a pomegranate, start by cutting it in half as you would a grapefruit. Use a spoon to gently remove the seeds from the membrane of the fruit. Keep in mind that pomegranate juice can stain, so exercise appropriate caution by wearing a kitchen apron. Process the pomegranate seeds like the other fruits in the recipe.


3       apples, cored and sliced      3

3 cups  red grapes (see Tips)    750 mL

1       lime, peeled and halved       1

        Seeds from 1 pomegranate 
 (see Tips)

Using a juicer, process half each of the apples, grapes, lime and pomegranate seeds. Following the same order, repeat with the remaining fruits. Whisk well and serve immediately.


Juice Guru’s Tip

While we recommend using green apples in our veggie juice combos, because we prefer their slightly tart flavor (Granny Smiths are our favorite), feel free to use red apples if you have a sweet tooth or are new to juicing—Fuji and Red Delicious apples are excellent. You really can’t go wrong if you use whatever variety of apple is in season and local to your area—all apples are rich in nutrients.