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Madas Salad (Raw)

by David Cote & Mathieu Gallant

Madas Salad (Raw)

The outstanding recipes in RawEssence by David Cote and Mathieu Gallant, offer dietary choices based on an overall respect for living things and global well-being — which in turn promote a healthy and responsible lifestyle. Rich in nutrients and enzymes, the recipes are recognized for their ability to revitalize and alkalinize the body.


Makes 4 portions

Preparation: 15 minutes

Equipment: blender


Creamy Indian Sauce

1⁄4 cup            tahini (sesame paste) or cashew nut butter, raw, if possible 60 mL

2 tbsp            sunflower oil            30 mL

2 tbsp            water            30 mL

2 tbsp            apple cider vinegar            30 mL

1 tbsp            sea salt            15 mL

2 tsp            curry powder            10 mL

11⁄2 tsp            ground coriander seeds            7 mL

1 tsp            turmeric            5 mL

1 tsp            ground cumin            5 mL

1⁄2 tsp            ground ginger            2 mL

1⁄2 tsp            ground black pepper            2 mL

6            medium carrots, shredded 6

1⁄2            medium cauliflower, cut into small cubes 1/2

1⁄4            medium onion, finely chopped 1/4

1⁄2 cup            finely chopped fresh cilantro, firmly packed 125 mL

1⁄4 cup            currants            60 mL

2 tbsp            black sesame seeds            30 mL

1.            Creamy Indian Sauce: In blender, combine all ingredients and blend into a smooth sauce.

2.            Place vegetables, Creamy Indian sauce and remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix together by hand so that vegetables are thoroughly coated in spices.

TIP: Keeps 4 to 5 days in the refrigerator in an airtight container.