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Lavender Mint no-Poo (vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free)

By Sunny Submaranian & Chrystle Fiedler

Lavender Mint no-Poo (vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free)

Lavender Mint no-Poo

page 192 of The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty    by Sunny Submaranian & Chrystle Fiedler


"Y’all, you do not need to wash your hair every day. It’s totally OK to skip a day or two, especially if your hair isn’t superfine or excessively oily. This DIY dry shampoo recipe will sop up any excess scalp oil between scrubs. This formula is good for all hair colors, but you can dress it up if you have brown, red or pink hair (like me!)." --Sunny Submaranian


Best for: All hair types

Top Tip: Pure cornstarch is gluten-free, but like lots of other ingredients, it can be cross-contaminated during manufacturing. Make sure yours was made in a gluten-free facility.

Superstar ingredient: Kaolin clay is a natural, gentle type of earth commonly used in beauty products. It contains tons of silica, which helps to remove dry, dead skin cells. Other minerals and phytonutrients in this clay wipe away toxins and absorb excess oil.



   Small glass jar with shaker top

5 tsp           arrowroot powder or cornstarch            25 mL

2 tsp           kaolin clay                                             10 mL

5                 drops lavender essential oil                    5

5                 drops peppermint essential oil                5

1.  In blender, combine arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil. Blend until well combined. Pour into jar.

2.  Shake mixture or apply with a clean makeup brush onto roots of dry, unwashed hair. Let stand on hair for a few minutes.

3.  Brush hair until all powder is removed.

4.  Store at room temperature for up to 6 months.