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GF Peanut Butter and Quinoa Granola

By Camilla Saulsbury

GF Peanut Butter and Quinoa Granola

" I have fond memories of my mother’s homemade granola, rich with nuts, honey and toasted oats. My version ups the flavor and nutrition ante with quinoa, peanut butter and dried cranberries. Spoon it up with milk, sprinkle it on yogurt or pack a handful in a small plastic bag for a mid-morning boost," says author of 500 Best Quinoa Recipes, Camilla Saulsbury.


Makes about 4 cups (1 L)

     Preheat oven to 325°F (160°C)

     Large rimmed baking sheet, lined with parchment paper


2 cups     large-flake (old-fashioned) rolled oats      500 mL

     (certified GF, if needed)

3⁄4 cup     quinoa, rinsed     175 mL

3⁄4 cup     lightly salted roasted peanuts, coarsely      175 mL


1⁄2 tsp     fine sea salt     2 mL

1⁄2 tsp     ground cinnamon     2 mL

1⁄4 cup     natural cane sugar or packed light      60 mL

     brown sugar

1⁄4 cup     liquid honey or brown rice syrup     60 mL

1⁄2 cup     unsweetened natural peanut butter     125 mL

1⁄3 cup     vegetable oil     75 mL

1 tsp     vanilla extract (GF, if needed)     5 mL

2⁄3 cup     dried cranberries     150 mL


1.     In a large bowl, combine oats, quinoa, peanuts, salt and cinnamon.

2.     In a small saucepan, combine sugar and honey. Bring to a simmer over medium heat, stirring constantly. Turn off heat and stir in peanut butter, oil and vanilla until blended.

3.     Pour peanut butter mixture over oat mixture and stir until coated. Spread mixture in a single layer on prepared baking sheet.

4.     Bake in preheated oven for 40 minutes, stirring twice, until golden brown. Let cool completely on pan.

5.     Transfer granola to an airtight container and stir in cranberries. Store at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.


Tip: Any unsweetened natural nut or seed butter (such as cashew, almond, sunflower seed or tahini) may be used in place of the peanut butter.